About Professional Fees

One of the most common questions we receive is “How much do you charge?”

It’s always difficult to answer because our fees are based on the time spent and complexity of the work performed. This makes is difficult to provide a quote over the phone without understand your needs and the complete picture.

Our fees are comparable to other professional accountants (CPA, CA, CGA, CMA). You can always find low-cost tax providers, particularly during tax season. However, non-designated providers to not have the resources, training or skills to keep appraised of tax changes and developments.

What might save you a few dollars in fees could cost you thousands in lost tax benefits and integrated advice!

We follow a structured and methodical process and at the same time, we have the skills and experience to also see what’s not there! As a professional accountant and financial planner I offer you comprehensive advice backed by years of professional training and experience.


Our bookkeeping services include proper classification and data entry of all of your businesses financial transactions as well as bank reconciliations, filing HST, and providing report of profit and loss. We also provide you with a business health check-up and general advisory services with your services.

Our minimum fee is $350/month.

Tax Services

We provide the expertise required to tax full advantage of every opportunity to reduce your family tax bill and ensure nothing is overlooked. We consider your financial planning strategies and corporate taxes when preparing the personal returns. During the engagement we consider tax planning and correspond with the Canada Revenue Agency and Internal revenue Service as required.

Tax services, like our other services based on the complexity of the matters and time taken to perform the work required. The fees below represent an estimate of the minimum fees that would apply.

Personal Tax Returns$325
U.S. Tax Returns$600
Estates & Deceased
(Includes preparation of related documents)
Trust Tax Return preparation
(Includes preparation of related documents)
Corporate Tax Returns
(includes preparation of financial statements from the clients bookkeeping records)

Corporate Returns

Tax returns for corporations are have different requirements than personal tax returns. There are a number of complexities and requirements that need to be met in order to file the return.

The above fees assume that your bookkeeping has been prepared, in proper format with a trial balance s and all supporting documents. If the information supplied is on a spreadsheet, then we must prepare the bookkeeping beforehand and will require all supporting materials, in which case the fees above can be higher.

Financial Planning

Financial planning services are offered on an “advice-only” basis. We do not sell investments or insurance and do not receive referral fees.

Below are some average fees for particular planning services. Depending on the complexity,

Retirement Income Projections$3,500
Estate Planning$1,750
Charitable Gifting PlansHourly
Other Modular PlansHourly