Bookkeeping is more than the mechanical data entry of transactions. Your bookkeeping system is the foundation for measuring the growth and health of your business as well as a tool to forecast the future.

At a very basic level, the bookkeeping system shows profit and losses and assets and liabilities. Our services take this basic information and help you manage and grow your business through

  • Quality Control
  • Reporting
  • Advice
  • Service
Quickbooks ProAdvisor Program Elite

On-Line Virtual Bookkeeping

We can tackle your bookkeeping without the need to come into the office or have a bookkeeper come on site. If you use an on-line accounting package such as QuickBooks On-Line or FreshBooks you can continue to use your bookkeeping software while we work in the background.

It works like this:

  1. We access your bookkeeping software on-line or directly on your computer,
  2. You upload your scanned or photographed receipts to our shared drive folder (you can courier them to use as well!), and
  3. We notify you when the work is complete.

It’s that simple.

Quality Control

Bookkeeping is only as good as the information contained in it. We make sure that your bookkeeping is of the highest quality to ensure it accurately captures all of the transactions incurred. This helps:

  • Reduce income taxes and HST remittances
  • Produce quality reporting
  • Reduce year-end fees


All of you bookkeeping clients receive a set of reports to help them understand their business and the results. The reporting include:

  • Profit and loss
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts Payable


All bookkeepers provide with reports from the bookkeeping system. We take it one step further and include a Business Health Check that helps you identify areas and address issues of concern before it’s too late. We will continuously provide you with suggestion and recommendations to help improve your bottom line.


We value our clients and the relationships we have built. We strive to be responsive and flexible so that we can effectively meet your needs.

Call us today at (289) 288-1206 to find out how we can help you better manage your businss.