Investment consulting is the process of reviewing your current situation to determine if your investment arrangements are meeting your financial goals.

My investment consulting services are “fee-only”, which means the professional advice you receive is billed on an hourly or retainer basis. I do not sell financial products or services nor receive referrals from the value of your assets.


This service can be tailored to meet your specific needs. It may be as simple as a portfolio review or as detailed as a consolidation approach, key performance indicator research or manager search.

The Investment Consulting Process

  • Understand your tolerance for risk and your investment knowledge.
  • Assess your needs from your pool of investments.
  • Understand your cash flow requirements.
  • Establish an appropriate asset allocation and investment strategy to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Evaluate the diversification of your portfolio.
  • Compare performance

I will assist in the development of a personal investment policy statement that outlines your expectations in terms of performance and measures of accountability.

Manager or Advisor Search

The choice of your investment advisor or money manager is a difficult decision.  Let me help you find the right advisor or money manager.