Business Matters Newsletter – October 2014

by Dean Paley on October 15, 2014

Welcome to the October 2014 edition of Business Matters.

Business Matters is a bimonthly newsletter focused mainly on businesses and entrepreneurs. The topics in this newsletter goes beyond taxation and touch on a number of topics that affect businesses. Like our Tax, Tips and Traps Newsletter, Business Matters is available by download and may be printed for your own use or provided o friends and colleagues.

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In this issue…

TAXATION – Year-End Tax Strategies

As the end of 2014 draws near, now is the time to begin taking action on important tax savings and planning opportunities.

MANAGEMENT – Buying a Franchise

Understand the benefits, advantages and risks of buying a franchise.

MONEYSAVER – Considering a Vacation Property

 The desire to own a vacation property may blind you to the real costs of owning a second home. Make sure you plan for the cash out-flow accordingly and strategies to help reduce the burden.

MONEYSAVER – Buying Business Software

The making an informed decision and choosing the software carefully can help avoid costly headaches.

We Are Here To Help

If you have a question about a topic in this article or any matter in general, please give us a call at the office and we can arrange a time to meet.

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