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VIRTUAL ASSISTANT…What is that, and How can it help my business?

This article was prepared by Tanya Hauser of Hauser Executive Virtual Assistant [1], a Burlington based administrative assistant company. 

I am sure you have heard the saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself” This may seem like a good idea for certain situations, but ask any successful business owner and they will tell you that you can’t grow without delegating.  Sometimes it is not feasible to hire a full time employee, no office space, money, or you just need help a few hours a week.  This is where a Virtual Assistant [1] can help greatly!  If you don’t know what a Virtual Assistant or a VA is or what they can do for you, hold on because this may be life changing!

What is a Virtual Assistant?  A highly trained remote worker who provides administrative support to business, executives, entrepreneurs…Simply a VA takes on tasks and processes that NEED to be done, but not necessarily by you!

How can a Virtual Assistant Help my business?  There are many different ways a VA can help you. Everything from general administrative tasks (such as client contact, word processing, data entry, email organization, internet research etc.) to specialized tasks (Graphic Editing, Design, Website Maintenance, social media postings) can be professionally handled by a VA and allow you to optimize your time to concentrate on what you love to do and are best at doing!

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?  I believe the main reason to hire a VA is so you can focus more of your time on YOUR core business and less time on time consuming administrative tasks.  Here are a few other reasons:

Let’s talk and see where I can help you increase your productivity and minimize your admin stress.  I’m excited to serve you.

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Tanya Hauser, Executive Virtual Assistant