2020 Q2 Tax Tips & Traps Newsletter

I am pleased to announce that Tax Tips and traps is back! In this quarterly edition: Tax ticklers - Some points to considerStarting a business and not getting paid - Can I collect EI?Tips- Reporting IssuesReal estate sales- Taxable or not?Contributions of goods and services to an NPO- Tax ImplicationsHome accessibility renovation credit - Increase in Home Value?Working from home…

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Newsletter – Financial Relief For Canadians

This newsletter has been prepared to provide an overview of the tax measures and assistance available to businesses and families in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. A copy of this newsletter can be downloaded here. It is a concise summary of the measures announced up to and included Wednesday April 9, 2020. Discussed in the newsletter: Filing deadline and…

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Taxing Day Traders TFSA’s

If the CRA can latch on to something, they will. For most of us, the investment income we earn inside our TFSA’s are 100% tax free. However, if you are day trading inside your TFSA, the Canada Revenue Agency may come knocking. You see, under the Income Tax Act, there is a subtle but highly important distinction between a business…

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Recordkeeping Automobile Expenses

If you use a car for business or your company provides a vehicle, the driving must be allocated between personal and business . This allocation is based on the total number of kilometers driven and the kilometers driven for business and the CRA requires that a log be kept. Why Track Kilometers? When we file a tax return, we must…

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