Newsletter – Financial Relief For Canadians

This newsletter has been prepared to provide an overview of the tax measures and assistance available to businesses and families in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. A copy of this newsletter can be downloaded here. It is a concise summary of the measures announced up to and included Wednesday April 9, 2020. Discussed in the newsletter: Filing deadline and…

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Tax Tip: Group Medical and Medical Expenses

If you are a member of a group medical insurance plan and you pay all or a portion of the premium through payroll deductions, those premiums may qualify as medical expenses for the medical expense tax credit. Other commonly overlooked medical expenses include: Co-payments or non-reimbursed portions of medical expenses Dental bills Certain attendant care expenses for persons with disabilities…

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Renting Your Home Can Be Taxing

What happens when you start renting out your home? Understanding how the income tax act looks the situation can help you avoid an un-expected tax bill. When you sell your principal residence, you generally will not incur a capital gain because of the rule that exempts the principal residence from tax. However, converting all or a portion of your principal residence…

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The Principal Residence Exemption

When you sell personal use property such as a car, jewelry, or furniture for more than you paid for it, you have to report and pay income tax on the net capital gain. The definition also includes real property, including the principal residence you own. The Income Tax Act provides a principal residence exemption for capital gains on the sale…

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Read more about the article Taxable Employment Benefits
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Taxable Employment Benefits

The Income Tax Act has broad and general rules requiring most fringe benefits to be included in net employment income. The government wants to discourage employers from substituting tax-free fringe benefits for actual cash compensation to avoid income tax. In the end, the value of a benefit of any kind must be added to your employment income. Examples of Taxable…

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Are Taxable Benefits Really A Benefit?

Many employers offer a range of benefits to their employees. The value of fringe benefits are considered taxable benefits and are included as income on your paycheque. This begs the question: Are fringe benefits really a benefit? It is possible to get the same benefits yourself for less? You need to know your marginal tax rate, how much benefits will cost you and…

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