Business Matters June 2015

The June edition of Business Matters is available directly from our website along with past copies as well as Tax Tips and Traps. Download Business Matters In this Edition …. Salary or Dividends The way a bonus is paid has a significant effect on corporate and personal after-tax income. You’re Hired Human rights legislation governs all hiring practices. Improve the…

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Recordkeeping Automobile Expenses

If you use a car for business or your company provides a vehicle, the driving must be allocated between personal and business . This allocation is based on the total number of kilometers driven and the kilometers driven for business and the CRA requires that a log be kept. Why Track Kilometers? When we file a tax return, we must…

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Tips On Buying a Business

Buying an established business can be an attractive alternative to starting out from scratch: The business may have an established client base, the location may be successful, or provide an opportunity for growth. If you are looking to buy a business, be sure to carefully evaluate all aspects of the business before you jump in feet first. Know The Market And Reason For Selling…

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Borrowing From Your Corporation

If you have a business corporation, your income will normally consist of salary or dividends. However, given the right circumstances, your corporation may be able to lend you money tax-free. There are some things that you need to be aware of. First, if the company extends you a low or no-interest loan, there will be a taxable benefit added to…

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Shareholder Loans and Your Private Corporation

If you own your private corporation and borrow money you should consider the income tax consequences. The Income Tax Act contains a series of rules that may have income tax consequences for the person receiving the loan from the company. In the context of this article, the term loan means any form of debt the shareholder or family member has to…

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Selling Your Business & Saving Taxes

You started your business from scratch and built it into a successful enterprise. Perhaps you want to retire and spend time with your family or maybe you want to move on to something different. Either way the value built up in your business will result in a tax a tax bill. Luckily the Income Tax Act provides you the opportunity…

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