Q2 2014 Tax Tips & Traps Newsletter

The 2014 2nd quarter edition of tax Tips and Traps is out! In this edition: Internet business activities Simplified HST reporting for small business Salary for owners and family members CRA audits of charities Tax costs of crowd funding Scholarship and training benefits Separation and the dependant tax credit Web tips for business Download your copy of Tax Tips &…

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Q1 2014 Tax Tips & Traps Newsletter

Our Q1 2014 Tax Tips and Traps newsletter is out! In this Edition Medical expenses and related travel costs Medical expenses and home renovations What is your marital status? Splitting up (Divorce) and transfers of property Fitness club dues as tax-free benefits? Insurance policy transfers Charitable donations of free rent Web tips for living in retirement Download your copy of Tax Tips & Traps.

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Taxable Employment Benefits

The Income Tax Act has broad and general rules requiring most fringe benefits to be included in net employment income. The government wants to discourage employers from substituting tax-free fringe benefits for actual cash compensation to avoid income tax. In the end, the value of a benefit of any kind must be added to your employment income. Examples of Taxable…

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Are Taxable Benefits Really A Benefit?

Many employers offer a range of benefits to their employees. The value of fringe benefits are considered taxable benefits and are included as income on your paycheque. This begs the question: Are fringe benefits really a benefit? It is possible to get the same benefits yourself for less? You need to know your marginal tax rate, how much benefits will cost you and…

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Tax Free Employment Benefits

The Income Tax Act requires that the value of all benefits be included in employment income and taxed accordingly. However, there are some provisions of the Income Tax Act and some administrative practices that may allow for tax-free payments. Non-Cash Awards - If your employer provides you with on-cash gifts for say, birthdays, Christmas, or for a wedding, then the value…

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What Is A Trust?

Simply speaking a trust is a relationship where one person (the settlor) transfers assets to a trustee for the benefit of a third person (beneficiary). The trustee manages the assets for the benefit beneficiary. In more formal terms, a trust is a relationship whereby a person (the settlor or donor) transfers property to another person (the trustee) for the benefit…

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