Top 5 Reasons To Use A Tax Accountant

Over the next 2 – 3 weeks, you will start receiving your tax slips in the mail. Most T4’s and T5’s must be submitted to you by the end of February and T3’s will follow a short time after. As you start getting ready to file, you may want to consider using a professional to help you with your tax…

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12 Income Splitting Opportunities

Many of the income splitting opportunities have been curtailed by a set of rules known as the attribution rules. When opportunities are available, they can be complex, expensive, and difficult to maintain. However, if you and other family members are in very different tax brackets, the benefits may be substantial. Record Keeping Proper records are a must when establishing an income splitting arrangement.…

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Tax Tip: Defer Capital Gains

When you sell certain types of property including shares, real estate, a business or farm for a gain you may be able to defer the tax on the capital gain for up to 5 years and in in certain circumstances, 10 years. The Income Tax Act allows you to defer a portion of your capital gain when you sell property but do…

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Getting Organized for Tax Season

The annual income tax filing deadline for most individuals is April 30, 2013 and for those with self-employment income the deadline is not until June 15th. If you have a balance owing, you must have the balance paid by April 30th, 2013, regardless of when you have to file. Also, if your balance owing for the 2012 tax year is more…

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RRSPs And Retirement Allowances

If you have lost your job or are retiring and will be receiving a severance payment, you may be able to shelter some of your severance from income tax. To be able to do this, the payment must qualify as a retiring allowance and depending on your circumstances, some may be direct transferred to an RRSP. What Is A Retiring Allowance?…

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Tax Free Employment Benefits

The Income Tax Act requires that the value of all benefits be included in employment income and taxed accordingly. However, there are some provisions of the Income Tax Act and some administrative practices that may allow for tax-free payments. Non-Cash Awards - If your employer provides you with on-cash gifts for say, birthdays, Christmas, or for a wedding, then the value…

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