Tax Tip: Group Medical and Medical Expenses

If you are a member of a group medical insurance plan and you pay all or a portion of the premium through payroll deductions, those premiums may qualify as medical expenses for the medical expense tax credit.

paylesstaxjpgOther commonly overlooked medical expenses include:

  • Co-payments or non-reimbursed portions of medical expenses
  • Dental bills
  • Certain attendant care expenses for persons with disabilities
  • Certain transportation expenses
  • Certain renovations to make your home more accessible (such as a wheel chair ramp)

If you are unsure of whether an expenditure qualifies, contact your accountant to discuss the matter. If you are planning on making a large expenditure, discuss the matter with your accountant do that you fully understand the availability of the tax credit.

There are other opportunities to reduce your tax bill with the medical expense tax credit by taking advantage of the timing of your expenses and by combining family expenses.

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